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149 profesores particulares en Málaga

Profe fiable: I'm excited to offer a course spanning 2 weeks with 3 hours per day, totaling 30 hours and accommodating a maximum of 3 students per class. The classes are designed for beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels. For beginners, we'll cover foundational topics like basic vocabulary, simple grammar structures, greetings, and basic conversation skills. Intermediate learners will dive into more complex subjects such as verb tenses, sentence structure, expanded vocabulary for various situations, and engaging in discussions on familiar topics. Advanced students will explore complex grammar, idiomatic expressions, nuanced vocabulary, and in-depth discussions on abstract topics related to their interests or professional field. I have three courses available: COURSE A: December 11th to December 22nd COURSE B: December 18th to December 29th COURSE C: December 25th to January 5th Proposed class times are 9:00-12:00, 15:00-18:00, or 18:30-21:30 (timings can be adjusted based on your availability). What to expect from the course: Free class materials Recorded sessions Access to Classroom Individualized feedback Access to a chat group to address your queries 24/7 ** In the case of 1:1 classes, there will be an additional hourly fee. Small group classes, totaling 30 hours The intensive 1:1 course of 30 hours is available a Private 1:1 classes. In these sessions, I tailor the curriculum to your individual needs and goals Please CONTACT ME BEFORE BOOKING (prices may vary). Looking forward to embarking on this learning journey with you!
¿Quieres conseguir un objetivo desde hace tiempo pero te sientes bloqueado? ¿Te gustaría cambiar hábitos pero lo ves imposible? ¿Te sientes en conflicto con diferentes partes de ti mismo y eso te hace sufrir? ¿Sientes que te gustaría mejorar en alguna habilidad importante para ti pero no ves la forma de comprometerte? No te preocupes. Ante todo, somos seres humanos y es normal sentirte perdido o frustrado en muchas ocasiones. O quizás nos falle la confianza personal que necesitemos. Con mis sesiones de Coaching, te ayudo a conocerte mejor y elegir tus decisiones desde ese espacio de consciencia y libertad. Entre otras cosas, podrás: cambiar creencias limitantes, transformar hábitos dañinos, diseñar tus objetivos de forma más efectiva, impulsar tu acción que te aleja de tus metas... Sin que te olvides de tus necesidades. Ni acabar agotad@ en el proceso. ¿Resuena contigo? Soy toda oídos. Estoy certificada por ICF (Internacional Coaching Federation) que avala que tengo las prácticas y competencias necesarias para ofrecerte toda mi atención y calidad. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Do you want to achieve a goal for a long time but you feel blocked? Would you like to change habits but you see it impossible? Do you feel in conflict with different parts of yourself and that makes you suffer? Do you feel like you would like to improve on some skill that is important to you but don't see a way to commit? Don't worry. First of all, we are human beings and it is normal to feel lost or frustrated on many occasions. With my Coaching sessions, I help you get to know yourself better and choose your decisions from that space of awareness and freedom. Among other things, you will be able to: change limiting beliefs, transform harmful habits, promote your action that takes you away from your goals... I'm all ears. I am certified by ICF (International Coaching Federation) that guarantees that I have the necessary practices and skills to offer you all my attention and quality.
Coaching de vida (life coaching) · Psicología · Habilidades de emprendimiento
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