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63 profesores particulares inglés Madrid

Profe fiable: Hola, Soy Alex Profesor de Idiomas con 10 años de experiencia en distintos niveles, pedagogo y didácta, desarrollo clases enfocadas en tus necesidades, trabajando las diferentes areas de la lengua en tu ámbito profesional o académico, desarrolando la fluidez en el habla y herramientas cominicativas, que hoy en día son de amplia utilidad. Let me introduce myself. My name is Endry Alexander and I’m graduated of Bachelor of Arts in Modern Languages Education, Modern Languages Education (English-French-Spanish).University of Los Andes (ULA) -Mérida-Venezuela. As a teacher I talk to you because I am really interested to be part of your teaching team school. My experience as a teacher is open and has two aspects: on one hand, teaching English and French language and literature to Spanish-speaking students, and on the other hand , teach Spanish to foreign students. I feel great vocation for teaching´s world. I think I am very qualified for teaching also have the facility to lead groups. Some of my skills are work with teenagers. For all this I consider myself prepared to fill a possible job vacancy that fits my professional profile. I consider myself as a: Great capacity to adapt to any environment characteristics and skills of a leader with strong education and manners. Highly responsible with activities and commitments. Open-mind, easy going at all times. Good communication skills gained through my experience as teacher and sales man. Excellent skills in dealing with people, acquired through my volunteer experience as English and French teacher. High aspirations and desires for the near future. Availability: Morninshift or Afternoonshif
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