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43 profesores particulares español Barcelona

Profe fiable: ¡Hola! Whether you are a beginner who wants to learn the basics of Spanish or you have an intermediate level and want to improve it, my lessons will help you progress very quickly. In our first lesson I’m getting an idea of your Spanish needs and level, which will provide a basis to build your customized lessons plan. We will also set a goal (for instance: “within two months, I’d like to be able to pass the DELE A2 exam”) and we will start getting to know each other in Spanish. My lessons, in which I use a communicative approach combined with a strong grammatical basis, are always well prepared. You will learn to communicate in Spanish real-life situations. In every single class, I'm giving you materials so that you can keep studying by yourself. I’ll also send you extra learning resources to encourage your learner autonomy. No matter what your specific case is… — If you’re specially interested in grammar, speaking, reading, writing or pronunciation, — if you’re preparing an exam as DELE or SIELE, or any other kind of exam, — if you’ve studied Spanish before or you’re currently doing so and need support, — if you’re interested in some specific field’s vocabulary, — if you need Spanish for business, day-to-day or academic purposes, — if you want individual or group classes… … contact me and we’ll see what we can do together. * If you want, we can keep in touch via Whatsapp so you can get an extra support (asking questions, booking lessons, just chatting in Spanish...). * If you use or want to use Duolingo, I can enhance your experience through “Duolingo for Schools”. Combining different learning methods will boost your language acquisition! * If we are meeting face to face in Barcelona, we will sometimes do real-life activities which can involve, for instance, talking with strangers in the street.
Profe fiable: ¡Hola! I'm Jose. Born in Sevilla (south Spain), in love with the learning processes and language learning. I studied Translation but I've always worked as a Spanish teacher (more than 10 years now). I love nature, arts (music and literature at the top), social sciences, and scientific discoverings. I spend my free time looking for things that blow my mind up, from hiking to reading articles or getting informed about points of view that are different from mine. After having lived in different places in Europe and having traveled a lot through Latin America, I am based now in a forest very close to Barcelona, from where I enjoy teaching online to people of all conditions (I love diversity!) I cannot describe my classes without taking you into account. But ideally, we will talk as much as possible and from there we will work on mistakes and introduce new knowledge. I like to agree with you about our plan. I like including humor, fun, and creativity to work on all aspects of a language (reading, writing, speaking, listening). Games, role-plays, news, and real-life materials are very often proposed. In my classes, grammar is not a monster, is just the user's guide of a language and it can be fun and interesting ;-) I have digital Spanish coursebooks, self-created materials, and lots of up-to-date resources to share with you in class and for homework (always optional). MY TRAINING AS A TEACHER: - Master's degree in teaching second languages (Univ. Pablo de Olavide) - Specialization training in teaching Spanish as a foreign language (Instituto Cervantes) - Continuous training
Profe fiable: Soy profesora nativa de Barcelona, licenciada en Historia y profesora de español para extranjeros. He impartido clases particulares durante más de 10 años, pero también he enseñado en el contexto de asociaciones culturales y la educación nacional francesa. Siempre estoy feliz de ser parte del viaje de aprendizaje de mis estudiantes; No importa el nivel que tengas, ¡aprenderemos muchas cosas juntos! :) Ofrezco clases dinámicas de español online adaptadas a cada persona y sus necesidades. Mis lecciones están orientadas a todos los niveles, utilizando el idioma en contextos reales y pedagógicos. Como docente, me interesa mucho que mis alumnos aprendan no solo el idioma sino también la cultura española, ya que es un aspecto fundamental para poder realmente tener éxito en el proceso de aprendizaje. Para ello trabajaremos en todas las diferentes competencias (oral y escrita), gramática y vocabulario, por supuesto, pero también me gusta usar algunos textos reales, videos, canciones, etc., para que podamos obtener la oportunidad de aprender de materiales de instrucción reales y discutir las noticias y la cultura. Intento utilizar el español como idioma principal durante mis lecciones. Por supuesto, puedo traducir cuando sea necesario (hablo tanto inglés como francés). Pero realmente creo que lo más importante es tratar de comunicarte en español para que seas cada vez más fluido. No te preocupes: ¡llegaremos paso a paso! He ayudado a muchos estudiantes a aprobar sus exámenes, preparar sus entrevistas de trabajo y currículums, o simplemente a sentirse cómodos con su práctica oral. Estoy acostumbrado a enseñar español desde cero, también tengo una larga experiencia en la enseñanza de altos niveles. Por favor, contácteme para más información y déjeme saber cómo puedo ayudarlo.
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