English teaching: I can give you English lessons without using French. I am available for children and I can make the class creative and interesting. Since I can draw I can make illustrations and a personalized book for your child. I'm an au pair and I have experience with children. If you are an adult I was learning the language since I was ten years old, I went to private English classes for 8 years and also studied it in elementary school and high school. I'm at a B2 level, it's not my native language. My native language is Macedonian, but I'm also learning French as a third language. Drawing: I can teach you to draw basic shapes, conturing and coloring. I view art as a form of therapy and I'm currently attending art classes in Nantes. Also it is acceptable for me to draw for you if you need some illustrations or cartoons. Psychology class: I have a major in the Arts of Psychology from my hometown Skopje, Macedonia. I can teach you the basics of Psychology and we can also focus on a field you are personally interested in. I am willing to recommend literature and make psychology interesting for you.

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